We are the world wrapped in an island, a divine paradise as described by the Romans. We are the heart of the Mediterranean according to the Arabs and the nectar of the Gods for the Greeks. "Suspirannu®️" was born from the desire to be able to give you the opportunity of being in Sicily without traveling, smelling, tasting and enjoying the beauty of the food and artisan craftsmanship while you leisure in your house. 


From the desire to be able of satisfy the Enogastronomic cravings, we are working to make "Suspirannu®️" available in your country, for you to enjoy fully the precius products of the truly "Made in Sicily".

Through "Suspirannu®️" you have the possibility of buying from your home any combination of the products displayed in our categories to create your own best possible choice of Sicilian Excellence in your Mix Box delivered at your table. Register here below and start shopping.